The Influence and Legacy of Marcel Duchamp

Dividing his time between residences in Paris and the United States, Marc Latamie is a well-known artist and lecturer. Marc Latamie cites Marcel Duchamp as a major influence on his work, and he contributed to an online journal where critics and peers expounded on Duchamp’s work.

Born in 1887, Marcel Duchamp produced two of his iconic works at the age of 25. One was Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, first shown at the Armory Show. Historians credit the showing as the trigger for radical modernism, a movement influenced by various modern trends including the rapid expansion of urban areas and the buildup of industry.

Duchamp’s second masterpiece was The Bride. Considered even more disturbing than Nude No. 2, The Bride bore no resemblance to the human form. In place of flesh and veins, Duchamp painted what he viewed as a scientification of the human form. The Bride was meant to be a commentary on one of the dangers of industry and human progress, and a pessimistic take on the future of mankind.


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