About Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at PAMM

An installation artist, New York resident Marc Latamie has exhibited his work around the world. In 2014, Marc Latamie tackled the topic of general human identity by participating in the exhibition, Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, at Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM).

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World was originally showcased at El Museo del Barrio and the Studio Museum in Harlem as well as the Queens Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition, now at PAMM, highlights contemporary artists and their interpretation of important global and Caribbean concepts. The organizers of the exhibit grouped the pieces into four themes: Fluid Motions; Shades of History; Counterpoints; and Kingdoms of this World.

Fluid Motions examines life in and on water. Pieces organized under this theme focus on the way water defines and affects much of our world everything, even global trade. Shades of History examines African culture and racial identity by exploring topics such as slavery and concepts of beauty. Counterpoints looks at economy from the past and in the present. Analyzing topics from plantations to tourism, Counterpoints includes artworks such as Linen Market, Dominica and Spirit of the Carnival. The final theme, Kingdoms of this World, offers insight on spirituality and religion. In addition, it covers cultural production and Carnival. Artists brought to life the latter by integrating costumes and video.


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